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A Series of Informative Write-Ups

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forgiving is healing is freeing

Forgiving is Healing!

Free Yourself!!!


Post Date: 11/27/2021

Forgiving someone for their mistakes means letting go of grudges that might eat you alive. When you hold on to bitterness against someone, they significantly impact you and control your emotional intelligence.

Forgiving will bring peace to your life. Though sometimes words or actions hurt us more than any physical injury, and the wounds stay longer than expected, forgiving instead of taking revenge is a more solid way to gain your peace.

However, forgiving is not easy as it sounds. It is a self-help practice that requires courage, patience, and determination to ignore something that causes significant hurt. Sometimes the Violator is someone close to us, and whenever we face them, the wound relives the pain. But, once you get past the "reliving the pain" phase, it will motivate you to start the journey of forgiveness and healing.

So, if you are going through this challenging phase in life and do not know where to begin the forgiveness journey, allow me as your Life Coach to introduce life-altering suggestions.

1.Deciding to Forgive

Preparing yourself to forgive someone is incredibly challenging for many reasons; I'll share a couple. First, you must be in the space to forgive. It may be too soon, the trauma may be too fresh, and you simply cannot go there.

Second, you may have tried to heal in other ways like with drugs, alcohol, toxic relationships, and other harmful practices that make things worse. Eventually, it is a fight with your inner self, restricting you from forgiving. But once you're in a good space and you're tired of trying to heal in unhealthy ways, then you can finally decide to forgive and move on.

2.Face the Trauma

Facing Trauma or reliving hurtful memories is not easy, and not everybody dares to do that. However, it becomes necessary when you decide to walk on the forgiving road to heal. It works like a medicine for the wound but requires you to be patient throughout.

Unfortunately, as a coping mechanism, we blame ourselves for others' bad intentions and mistakes. So, you want to be clear that none of the Trauma is your fault, and you didn't deserve what happened to you.


Remember forgiving someone benefits you more than anyone else. Consider forgiveness as a Self-help practice that helps you escape from your past and let you begin the new life journey with a peaceful mind.

However, for some people, it is important to express their forgiveness to the Violator. In contrast, for others, this is not necessary. This decision is up to you. However, it may help to discuss the process with your Life Coach, therapist, friend, family member, or anyone you feel comfortable talking to about this.

4.See A BETTER VIEW of YOU! The best part!

The last step after forgiveness is a fresh start. Give your mind a deserving rest and feel accomplishment because not everyone has the power to do that. Also, don't forget to and enjoy your peace

At Last

I know forgiveness is easier said than done. But, by being your life coach and well-wisher, my prayers are with you to have a smooth forgiveness process and embrace healing. This roadmap will take you through the entire course of action that myself, my clients, and many others experienced to experience peace in their lives.

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A Better View of YOU


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