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I help Women achieve Balance and Reach their Full Potential.

I am a life coach that does individual coaching, group coaching, and speaking engagements. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about my services.

About Lutisia

Lutisia is a certified life coach and children's author with a driving passion for helping others. Her deepest belief is that ‘kindness keeps the world turning,’ and she has dedicated her life to spreading that message.


Lutisia has spent many years caring for children of all ages. After losing her mother in her early twenties, Lutisia stepped in to raise the rest of her large family. She quickly discovered she had a natural ability to entertain kids and genuinely loved doing so. This gift and the joy of sharing stories with them, and watching them learn to read, inspired her to write for children.


To date, Lutisia has published five children's books that provide a fun space for emerging readers to recognize and understand the importance of sight words. Each story has an important message: a lesson about giving back, showing good sportsmanship, or that you're never too old to learn something new. All the books have vibrant illustrations and coloring pages so kids big and small can tap into the creative spirit they all share. 


Her capacity for help doesn't end with youngsters, though. Lutisia is also a life coach specializing in helping women achieve balance and reach their full potential. Using her positivity, experience, and kindness, Lutisia aids her clients in gaining a better view of themselves… her motto is "A Better View of You!"


When she isn't working and volunteering, Lutisia enjoys happy hours with her girlfriends, shopping, cooking, and even better, eating soul food. But her happy place, where her soul recharges, is on the couch beside her husband, a retired Soldier from the U.S. Army, watching their favorite television shows.

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